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Board of Directors

Members of the Indiana Society of Sleep Professionals (ISSP), who are interested in serving in a board capacity, are encouraged to contact our current board of directors for additional information.  Becoming a board member for the ISSP is a great way to get more involved and to help shape our work and message from the inside.  Your participation will help the ISSP have a greater impact on sleep disorders medicine in Indiana as you simultaneously build a network of professional peers and organizations.

President:  Dianna Miller-Wilson, ASB, RPSGT
Secretary:  Anita Isaacson, RPSGT, RRT
Treasurer:  Sue Carney, RPSGT, RRT

directors at large
Pam Cushing, RPSGT, RRT
Kelly Evans, RPSGT
Bonnie Robertson, RPSGT, CRT
Penny Steele, RPSGT, RST

The By-Laws for ISSP have been created so that our society’s mission, goals and activities are transparent for all of our members and donors.
To read and review the ISSP By-Laws, Click Here.

board minutes:  March 2013

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